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Trailer Music Live heads East
Trailer Muisc Live leaves its Hollywood home shortly and heads initially to New York and onward towards Europe for a series of intense shows.

Bonaire's aim has always been to create a multi-channel entertainment company. By acquiring partners we have been able produce, manage and promote intellectual media content including rights in music, film, television programming and other related assets whilst still maintaining a low cost structure that ensures maximum success and minium cost exposure to our clients.

With Martin Pursey at the helm, who last year celebrated 35 years within the entertainment industry, the organisation creates an almost unique approach to the management and business affairs of its clients.

With a local office on the island of Malta, Bonaire opened its doors to local Production Company Square Wheel Entertainment and supervised their Maltese Language comedy "MALTAFORCE".. spoof movies are always fun (even if you can't understand the dialogue)